Story of Slash Dot Dash

від Kateryna Burovova

We have first walked into our protest-pink store on a sunlit May afternoon in 2015 through the entrance hidden in one of the famously cozy Odessa backyards. 

The empty 60 square meter room was tightly packed with our visions of the future - here comes the opening party, new jewelry collection presentation, Friday crowds, and holiday shoppers. 

Our dreams indeed came to life. 

For 7 years we have been working to bring inspiration and joy into the lives and wardrobes of the women who inspired us - activists, moms, business leaders, engineers, doctors, students. 

Slash Dot Dash was created with a simple idea in heart - to be the aesthetic solace for the warriors and heroes of our everyday life. By women for women.

It’s 2022 now and after the painfully long break, we are stepping back into the same river the second time - in the midst of war. The river is never the same, and the water washing our toes now is tainted with blood and ashes. We are coming back into our protest-pink store to support our country’s economy, our team’s families, our warriors who fight for our right to exist.

Yet we are even more hopeful now than on that sunny day 7 years ago - because now we dream of the victory. With this new international version of our online store, we open our doors to the everyday heroes around the world and we are excited to get to know you all. 

Our store will always be lit with the light of the kind hearts and this light is invincible.

Hugs and kisses from Asya, Maryna, and Kate💙💛

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